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Palác Akropolis participates on wide variety of local and international art projects involving music, theatre and fine arts.


Concert series EuroConnections – hot contemporary music, new trends, ORIGINAL MUSIC GROUPS, Europe. And an opening night every month!


It is an attack on all senses: music, motion and picture – joint with the top modern technology. Workshops with experts for everyone!

Midnight Session

Something enchanting from deep past of the NORTH nations gets in the current music and mesmerizes young musicians…it rushes over us /especially at midnight/ and it entertains us… The best music groups from Island, Norway, Finland, and Sweden – that is Midnight session.

Music Infinity

The best from future of the audio-visual art. We offer something what is not heard in common media. If you want to understand the names of the music world – Music Infinity is the right thing for you.


The repeat performances of the best that we could have seen in Palác Akropolis.

Divadelní premiéry

We help create new theatre pieces. We support NEW innovative theatre – experimental, community, nonverbal that are always interesting…

Výstavy, A Galerie

Palác Akropolis´ premises are definitely amazing, but no offence to the Mistro – with the help of exhibitions :-) Everything is smartly chosen to follow the programme. In case you missed any of our exhibitions, you can take a virtual tour of our gallery from the comfort of your home.


Divadelní přesahy

New circus, butoh, dance theatre…European performative scene.

Planet Connection

Do you love travelling? You can learn about foreign lands from the safety of Palác Akropolis. You will get acquainted with the culture of our foreign neighbours during an evening – with your ears, eyes and tastebuds. 


Foam days and cocktail weeks – theatre, sport, concerts, workshops and games…OUTSIDE and inside, local and passersby, big and small …unexpected EXPERIENCES /believe us/ and sun for all…This is the city cultural festival Žižkov sobě (Žižkov to itself).

Traffic Dance

Mobile scene – fire engine or a theatre stage? But also a music stage or battered studio and a playground…Theatre and entertainment as it should be, where you want them. 


You can find Palác Akropolis everywhere – on stages, in the streets, in your PC… as well as in the old fashion paper world – touch and smell the print Palác Akropolis Magazine. Read it, it is really cool :-)

Top of The World

World music across the street? YES! You do not need to travel the length and breadth of the world – great STARS WM perform in Akropolis. Top stars, varied dramaturgy, club atmosphere of sold out shows – this is TOW…

Festival - Music Spectaculare

Remarkable multi-genres festival: Music, video and theatre. Fresh scenes and smart spaces. From electronic music through jazz to modern classical music… Ballet, video-art, workshops… All connected into one great spectacle.

Cirkopolis Line

Balls, clubs, obedient rope and a body. Mime or dance on the festival of new circus.


Liveurope is the first pan-European initiative supporting concert venues in their efforts to promote emerging European music.