Friday 4. 3.
19:30, Big Hall
temporarily not available


The Swedish singer and organist will bring the most gloriously, estatically dark music to Prague

The Swedish singer and organist Anna Von Hausswolff makes some of the most gloriously, ecstatically dark music of the moment. Her drawn-out, confoundingly heavy pieces draw on goth, doom metal, ambient, drone, and every other kind of music that can suck the light right out of your soul.

She released the gorgeously austere Ceremony a couple years back, and she’s prepping a new LP titled The Miraculous, which was recorded on a colossal pipe organ in Northern Sweden. Her forthcoming album’s first takeaway “Come Wander With Me/Deliverance” is a sprawling, 11 minute behemoth that sweeps between gothic ambience and dramatic, heavy metal. “An oath,” her latest single, is a fiery and vociferous 3-minute song that wastes no time to cast you into its flames. Beginning with a simple organ melody, it quickly takes off into a siren of brazen celebration. It’s a confident and carousing song, as if its marking an epic, historical event or leading an army into a storm. Von Hausswolff recorded her new album The Miraculous on a massive pipe organ in the northern Swedish town of Piteå, and the whole thing just sounds alarmingly huge.

The support act: Nebulosa /Swe Open the gates to the mystical world of Nebulosa. In one long amazing improvisation, Morphing sounds and atmospheric drones creep forth from the crocked fingers of the eccentric savant, Joel Fabianson.