Friday 28. 4.
19:30, Big Hall
temporarily not available


After more than five years Miloopa make its revival to a Czech podium, where these Polish funk-addicts will introduce their recently released album Verk that beats the hell out of shaky grooves. Also on their latest recording, Miloopa cooperated with a Swiss producer, Rosi Mosimann, who gave shape to albums of Faith No More, Bjork, Smashing Pumpkins and The Young Gods. Miloopa has been rocking the club-jazz scene since 2001. Usually, they turn to subbass, electronic and synthetic textures one day, not ignoring a laid-back tempo the other one. Often their jazzy soundscape is entwined with funk, jungle and breakbeat sound. But notwithstanding the pace of the rhythm, the enchanting voice of Natalie Lubrano blent in with the intimate atmosphere of the bass, drums and synthesizer makes for a disarming experience.

Klára & The Pop A mildly husky, charismatic voice and progressive electro pop. That is what you would find at the musical address with the nametag of Klára Vytisková. A multi-layered music with drops of acid disco, soul or triphop makes the modern sound a delicacy to listen to. KLARA., a fresh project of Klára Vytisková, one of the most talented and most respected Czech singers nowadays, is a match to the contemporary world pop scene. Klára Vytisková is a renowned musician on the Czech club scene. Although known as a Toxique band member, the female singer of 2016 Anděl award’s winner has recently focused on performing solo instead. In 2015 she released an album called Home, which was received with a thorough appreciation. Although she is about to perform at Mladí Ladí Jazz festival as a support for the Polish band Miloopa, her skills far exceeds the level of being just a warm-up, so the concert promises a double portion of excellence.