Thursday 15. 2.
Cie H.M.G. – 3D
18:00, Big Hall
temporarily not available


In the center of the stage, lays a curved wooden board bounded with a metallic rope. It's like a human sized bow, a body's extension for the game of motions. It's declined in 3 positions in a 3 dimensions space. The body mingles with it, goes through it and wraps itself into it, when the sounds scrape reverberate and vibrate on it.

The situations are made up with audible movements.

The acrobatic game with this unusual circus apparatus explores the volume and plays with the material, the space, the others.

« 3D » by H.M.G. Company – Toulouse, France

Designer, composer,

performer : Jonathan Guichard

Sound designer, performer : Mikael Le Guillou

Technical referent : Cyril Malivert

Staging counsellor : Etienne Manceau

Construction : Cyril Malivert, Jonathan Guichard, Etienne Manceau, Jean-Victor Bethmont, Franck Breuil

The performance is featured at the Cirkopolis International festival, organized by CIRQUEON-Center for Contemporary Circus and Art Frame Palác Akropolis.