Saturday 18. 11.
19:30, Big Hall
temporarily not available


When Pon Di Corner hit the stage, they give you a mix vibes of Reggae with Pupachile(France/Chile), Positive Rebel(Sicily) and a Rap flow with Mehding(France/Tunisia) & Ingenio(Venezuela). The Reggae & Hip-Hop collective was founded on a night out drinking in Malta. By coincidence they met in a corner and started beatboxing and freestyling until police had to cut them down.

Through that meeting, they set up a home studio (Island Flavour) and released their first single „Vibration positiva“ in the beginning of the year 2015. Since that they released the music videos „La Rue“ from the streets in Malta and „Escucha bien“ as a result of the first show in Sicily.

They are launching their first album called „One World“ April,20th 2017 with nice guest artists. 18 tracks combining different flow. The essence of Pon Di Corner is the connection between the members. They combine Reggae melody adding on top of that Rap flows