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19:30, Big Hall
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Susanne Sundfør released her eponymous debut album in 2007, and in the ten years since, she has cemented her place as one of Norway's premier singers, songwriters and producers. She has released seven albums (four of which reached #1 in Norway) and has also collaborated with artists as varied as Röyksopp (including their #1 hit „Running to the Sea“) and M83 (with whom she collaborated for the soundtrack to the Tom Cruise blockbuster “Oblivion.”)  Her most recent album, the highly acclaimed “Music for People in Trouble,” is being called the best work of her career.  In addition, Susanne is a skilled producer, having produced her own music as well as having worked with the Norwegian Grammy-winning duo Bow To Each Other.  

The support act: shey baba:

In an age when music tends to feel rushed, shey baba is an anomaly – he takes his time. The Los Angeles born singer / songwriter / producer decided to spend two years in isolation patiently making what would become his stunning debut album – Requiem . “I didn’t start singing or writing songs until I was 20, but once I did I quickly realized that music was the only way I could fully express the things I needed to.” A series of difficult personal and family tribulations fueled the flames, and shey baba set out to create a labor of love and catharsis. Almost 24 months later, Requiem is complete. His voice stands out above all, setting the tone for the cinematic and emotive sound of the album. It seems shey baba himself may have summed it up best: “I feel like I’m blooming in the 11th hour.” Yes, and what has bloomed is beautiful.