Friday 27. 4.
19:30, Big Hall
temporarily not available


„We find ourselves in an artistic renaissance. We have sharpened our expression,“ Norwegian indie band Einar Stray Orchestra says. And it's clear. Their delicate strings and determined percussion come surging through the speakers instantly on their brand new single 'Penny For Your Thoughts,' which is the first song to be taken from their forthcoming album Dear Bigotry.

The sonically opulent track contrasts with it's message as they construct a symphony around their modern Norwegian take on the curse of the silver spoon and the privileged people who have the tools to change the world for the better. „They have everything they need to go save the world, but in order to save it, they need to start with saving themselves,“ the band says. Listen below.

Dear Bigotry is out February 17, 2017 via Sinnbus and Toothfairy.