Thursday 14. 2.
18:00, Big Hall
temporarily not available


In this show the acrobatic duo Zinzi and Evertjan go on a personal quest to uncover their own and each other’s limits. Their paths are intertwined, but how do you hold on to your own identity and independence? Sit back and revel in poetic partner acrobatics.

We all walk our own path in life, those of Zinzi & Evertjan have coincided, not only crossed but connected. As a duo you experience so much together that lines start to blur between your own way and the one you share. You are together as unity, but also each other's counterpart. Commitment and autonomy fight for priority.

Director: Zinzi Oegema

Artists: Zinzi Oegema | Evertjan Mercier

Music: Janos Koolen

Costume: Lisa Jonkers

Light design: Vincent Millet

Set design: Evertjan Mercier

Coaches: Lucas de Man | Andrew Greenwood | Denis Dulon

Producer: TENT circustheater productions

Co producer: PerplX Kortijk

length: 40 minutes / age: 6+