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Andrés Godoy

Born November 10, 1953 in Chile He got his first guitar from his grandparents at the age of 10, immediately fell under the spell of this instrument and became a diligent student. At the age of 14 he lost his right hand in an accident. But even this crucial fact, which, for the majority of guitarists would mean an immediate and definitive end to playing, could not discourage young Andrés from his passion. Thanks to his perseverance, creativity and everyday practice, he invented a unique one-handed technique called „Tatap“, which includes playing along the fingerboard, bass lines, melodies, percussion, slides… Stunning technical virtuosity combines with a sense of strong melody and obvious love for the guitar music itself. The compositions of Andrés Godoy include a variety of influences from around the world with the elements of South American music, progressive rock, fusion, jazz, blues… Some songs are also accompanied by singing. For a long time (1988 to 2007), he has been supporting and developing a variety of cultural projects for young talents in Chile. Many successful musicians in the early years of their career were supported by Godoy and he became a producer of their albums. Since 2007, Andrés Godoy has had a long international tour including concerts in the USA, Canada, South America, Europe and Asia. He publishes CDs and DVDs and lectures at numerous workshops. Andrés Godoy deserves to be one of the main stars of this year's festival Guitar Across Styles. Do not miss the chance to see this exceptional, phenomenal Chilean musician on his first tour in the Czech Republic.

Martina Míková

Was born in 1994 in Varnsdorf, Czech Republic. She is blind in her left eye from the birth. She was exposed to music for the first time at the age of 8 (in 2002), when father showed her the 1991 Ozzy Osboune´s „live and Loud“ concert. Ozzy became her idol. Her other idols include Mariah Carey and Beth Hart, the latter of whom she met in person at a concert in Prague. Her beloved instrumentalist is Joe Satriani. She met Joe Satriani and Ozzy Osbourne at a concerts in Prague. Sheattended an elementary art schoo for 3 years. After comleting elementary aducation, her mother signed her up for a talent audition at the Jan Deyl Conservatory for the Visually Impaired, where she sdudied popular singing now. In addition to singing, she is good at playing the guitar and the piano.

Jan Cikrt

Born on the 14 of February 2001 in Ústí nad Labem, lives in Prague.

He does a classical singing and plays dulcimer and hackbrett. He played Pan flute between the age of five and seven, only to return to this instrument at the present. He studies classical singing since 2011 and won many prizes. Jan was also a soloist at Children opera Prague, where he sang with the choir as well as solo parts. In 2010, he started to play hackbrett. In 2015, Jan Cikrt had won 2nd place in the central part of Artistic Grammar Schools national competition of folk instrument playing in Mikulov. In the same year, Jan played during the opening concert of the Dulcimer International Festival in Valašské Meziříčí.

Standa Barek

Born July 4, 1955 in Rumburk. Studied guitar under the guidance of the legendary professor Jiří Jirmal and than at a Music Conservatory in Prague and Teplice. Since 1989 he has been playing in ragtime duo with guitarist Adib Ghalim, with whom he has recorded 2 albums: RAGTIME GUITAR and other specialities (1992) and BEATLEMANIA RAG (1995). He is a member of the Njorek and Arionas bands and occasionally performs with a violinist of Czech Philharmonic Viktor Mazáček. He taught in various types of schools in the Czech Republic and Germany. He used this pedagogical experience to create a popular publication „Guitar – School of Guitar Play” Since 2011 he has also been performing solo, literally all over the world – Europe, Japan, Mexico, USA, Kazakhstan… In 2012, the 1st profile CD Stanislav Barek was finally published under the title MINIMAL HOPE. For his 60th birthday, he treated himself to STANISLAV BAREK and FRIENDS album, starring world-class guitarists such as Tommy Emmanuel, Peppino D'Agostino, Laurence Juber, Jennifer Batten. He is a founder, dramaturge and director of a festival with more than twenty-year-long tradition,“GUITAR ACROSS STYLES", where every year the best guitar players from all over the world come to Czech Republic.