Friday 15. 2.
20:00, Theatre Ponec
temporarily not available


Sometimes funny, sometimes tragical, this performance fluctuates between concert, circus performance and art installation.

Four men and a stone. Stone as a basis for construction, this element is the object of fanatical excesses, representing everything from the harmless gestures of a child's game to the greatest architectural challenges. In Masse Critique, every stone is an opportunity for constructions that are unstable and ephemeral, a reflection of the tightrope walker's own challenges. Build to raise oneself up, to imperil oneself, maybe to fall and surely to destroy.

Concept: Sébastien Le Guen

Director: Blaï Mateu Trias / Baro d’Evel Cirk Cie

Artistic cooperation: Anthony Moreau and Jérome Hoffmann

By and with: Benjamin Tricha, Jonathan Fenez, Stéphane Guillemin, Sébastien Le Guen

Stone Consultants: Guillaume Camus et Michaël Brun

Set Design/Construction: Emmanuelle Debeusscher

Lighting: Marie Robert

length: 55 minutes / age: 8+