Wednesday 4. 10.
19:30, Cafe v lese
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Any Other:

And now what, should I quit playing? This is what Adele Nigro, now 21 years old, puzzled over an year ago, trying to deal with a past that just went off with her old band and with a future still to be written. But Adele doesn’t quit, and this is how Any Other is born, together with Erica Lonardi and Marco Giudici, with an indie rock attitude that will bring you to the 90’s of Modest Mouse and Built to Spill, but also to contemporary songwriters like Waxahatchee. In their debut album, “Silently. Quietly. Going Away” (out on Bello Records, 2015), you will find stories about growing up, difficult separations, and a strong desire for taking revenge on the bad things that happen in our lives.

Gifted with a rough but indelibly enduring vocal which sits somewhere within the realm of Waxahatchee’s solemn calling, Nigro’s songs are full of heart and fiery passion, the kind of voice that eclipses all around it.

persons from porlock:

a young four-piece „schizophrenic pineapple pop“ band Persons from porlock are considered to be one of the most active Slovene bands at the moment.

Their debut „things people don't like“ was voted #1 Slovene album of 2016 by Radio Student. They had their international breakthrough after playing MENT Ljubljana this February.

Press reviews: Kevin Cole from Seattle's KEXP radio picked their single as The Song Of The Day: „As a DJ, I’m always thinking about how I’m going to bust a new song I’m excited about– what I’m going to mix it with, and on first listen to persons from porlock’s “Bad Fanfiction,” with it’s energetic jangly guitar riffs, I knew it would be the Cure’s Push. Live, however, they were much more expansive, playing trippy neo psychedelic rock that only enhanced the surreal surroundings at Metelkova.“

They also impressed Vic Galloway, a host at BBC Radio Scotland, who mentioned them in his article for CLASH magazine: “Maybe the Slovenian act with the most ‘crossover’ potential right now are persons from porlock.… their hooky mix indie, goth and post-punk is excellent LIVE as I witnessed in front of a bouncing local crowd.” Before playing a bunch of shows home and abroad in the upcoming months, they killed summer before it has even started with their newest single Affordable Amphetamines. The video was shot during their first international tour through Croatia and Hungary.