Saturday 2. 11.
21:30, Small hall
temporarily not available


The tragicomedy is starting with the poor puppeteer, which lives without stage, without lights and has to make his way through life with only one marionette.

Interfered by the manager, which only wants to build a commercial hit, the simple traditional puppet show escalates into physical theatre, commedia dell’arte and surrealistic scenes, in which the stage spreads all over the place and the audience becomes actively involved. And after the puppet cut her strings off, after puppeteer loses his job, after the public leaves the disastrous show… the new ideas start growing again.

For adults

Duration: 1 hour

Directors: Vida Cerkvenik Bren & Matija Solce

Puppet: Mitja Ritmanič

Scenography, music, author: Matija Solce

Performers: Tines Špik or Filip Šebšajevič, Matija Solce