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Fennesz (AT) Fennesz uses guitar and computer to create shimmering, swirling electronic sound of enormous range and complex musicality. „Imagine the electric guitar severed from cliché and all of its physical limitations, shaping a bold new musical language.“ – (City Newspaper, USA). His lush and luminant compositions are anything but sterile computer experiments. They resemble sensitive, telescopic recordings of rainforest insect life or natural atmospheric occurrences, an inherent naturalism permeating each piece. Christian Fennesz is published by Touch Music. He lives and works in Vienna., /…

Marsen Jules (DE) + VJ Anders Weberg (SE)

Marsen Jules and Anders Weberg pair up for a new audiovisual performance. Their cinemaesque live-shows let you drown into a surrealistic world of deep ambient soundscapes and shimmering multilayered dreamlike pictures. The shows consist of special material taken from an upcoming audiovisual DVD on Oktaf Records in 2014.

Anders Weberg is a Swedish filmmaker and media artist, well known for his experimental films, videos, installations and media art concepts appearing at art festivals, museums and exhibitions world wide. He formerly worked with artists as Burnt Friedman, Hakan Lidbo, Andreas Tilliander and The Sparks. He exhibited at numerous art/film festivals, galleries, and museums internationally, including Oscar Niemeyer Museum, Curitiba, Brazil, 2012, Museum of Modern Art 2011, Buenos Aires, Argentina. File Brazil 2007–2008–2011– 2012, Sao Paulo, Brazil; FutureEverything 2010, Manchester, UK; National Museum of Contemporary Art 2010, Athens, Greece; Beijing Contemporary Art Centre 2010, Beijing, China. He also is the founder and curator of AIVA (Angelholm International Video Art Festival) and the Stian (con)temporary art gallery in Sweden. Currently he is working on „Ambiance“ the worlds longest film, which will be released in 2020.

The German electronic music composer Marsen Jules is a poet in sound. Focused on minimalism and abstraction he creates atmospheric and deeply emotional tunes. Since his CD debut on City Centre Offices he released 7 full length albums and several compilation tracks on labels as 12K, Kompakt, Miasmah and Dronarivm as well as his own imprint Oktaf Records. In 2009 he received an award as best album at the Qwartz Electronic Music Awards in Paris which was also combined with a a two week residence in the legendary „GRM Studios“ at Radio France. Marsen Jules played allready on international festivals as Mutek Montreal, Tranzvizualia (Poland), Node (Italy), Urban Explorers (NL), La Rout du Rock (Paris), Picknick Electronique (Montreal). /…jules-weberg

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