Monday 5. 1.
SPECTACULARE FESTIVAL - photographer Michal Hradecký
00:00, A-Galerie
temporarily not available


I have been photographing concerts in Palác Akropolis since 2010. So I did not hesitate, when I had been asked to take photos from the first year of the wholly new festival. And I was right to do so. Festival Spectaculare that interconnects the current electronic and experimental music, dance and moving theatre with multimedia, projections or visual art, has fulfilled all my expectations. Even the name itself represents the whole concept and dramaturgy: it is spectacular, stunning, great, irresistible, amazing, prominent, and theatrical and that is only a few words that just crossed my mind. This exhibition is an invitation and also a photo-report from the first year 2014. I wish the festival and the whole team good luck and strength for the following years. I wish also for many content fans that will come and spread a word of its glory, because I am definitely looking forward the next season and I believe we will all meet there….

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