Spectaculare/About festival/2021

The main theme of the festival is music and its connection to motion theatre or ballet, video-art, video-mapping or movies and photographic art. The festival is also unique in terms of the selections its locations and artists themselves.

The dramaturgy of the festival is rich and varied, from contemporary electronic or acoustic music, to ambient, post-rock, jazz or modern theatre.

The festival broadens its offer of contemporary art in Prague and connects foreign scenes with the home stage – the result of such cooperation is for example the joint performance at the festival.

Part of the Festival Spectaculare are workshops, exhibitions and film showings.

Poppy AckroydThe Brandt Brauer Frick EnsembleFEMME EN FOURRUREBY festival Spectaculare_Bontevýstava Festival Spectacularevýstava Festival SpectaculareFestival Spectaculare 2015 / Lenka Dusilová
Poppy Ackroyd
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