Date: 12/01/2015
Name: Festival Spectaculare 2015 a Trash made

The contest of Spectaculare Festival and the Trash Made mark – Spectaculare Trash Design Create a design item from the old electro-device components and you can win interesting prize from Trash Made mark and from Palác Akropolis! Festival Spectaculare and Trash Made mark (link: announce on 26th January 2015 mutual contest for wide public: Create your own design item from the components of old electro-devices! No limits to your fantasy; you may create a jewel, house accessories or any other applied art. There is only one single condition – it must be made of electro-trash (=everything that function on current or batteries) and you shall use your own sources i.e. old mobile phone, computer (coolers, keyboard keys, wires, motherboard, resistors, monitor etc. ) We recommend: Empty batteries are not suitable for the creation of the design item because the breach of the surface could be dangerous. Please send the photos of the contesting items to zora.hubkova (at) (active mail link). Please state in the email contact on the author of the design item. The size of the photo should not surpass 5MB.

Deadline is the 6th February at 12am.

Photos of the items you sent will be judged by three-member jury comprising from the representatives of Trash Made mark, Spectaculare Festival and a TRASH MADE brand designer. You can vote and support your favourites during the contest right on Facebook using “like” button. By sending the photo the contestant agrees that the photo could be exhibited on facebook site of the festival and Trash Made. The contestant also confirms that it is his/her own creation. The number of items and photos is not limited. The contest is not directly run, sponsored or connected with the provider of Facebook and the Facebook is not responsible for it.

Trash Made (link: is a mark of collective system of the group REMA (link: For more information and e-shop visit

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