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Fet a Mà /FR
FET A MÀ was created in 2008 by two Catalan artists, Pau Portabella and Marta Torrents, after finishing their professional training in Le Lido /Circus arts center in Toulouse (France). Their work is based on a physical writing, mixing theatre, dance and acrobatics. Fet a mà wants a circus with no artifice, an immediate circus, where the body is the focus and speaks by itself. The body is no more a medium for exploit but the expression of a feeling. As technique disappears behind bodies and intents, circus becomes a raw art that reaches all sensitivities. Starting from the idea that the bodies are guided by the need to express feelings, Fet a mà develops a singular physical and theatrical language, a language that focuses on expressing innet concrete limits and situations that are apparently abstractions. The company’s first show Swap ! was created in 2010 and is performed both indoor and outdoor. CRU was created in April 2013 at La Cascade/ Pôle nationa des arts du cirque in Bourg St Andéol.
Fet a Mà na London Mime Festivalu
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