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28/09/2014 20:00,
Big Hall
no implicit conversion of nil into String

Three solo pieces of Marek Mandič in one take. MandićMachine (2011), Extract Mandić (2005) and Viva Mandić (2009). All revolve around the topic of the meaning and significance of the artist's work.

In Mandić Trilogy Marko raises three simple yet crucial questions: 1. Why am I doing all this? 2. Who is all this meant for? 3. What is my purpose? His answers are uncompromising: 1. Because of me. 2. For Me. 3. Me. And after all this we might get the answer to the final question: What is Marko Mandić? Exhibitionist. Narcissus. Jester. Intellectual. Animal. Egoist. Artist. Viva Mandić!

Mandić Trilogy at Balkan Spirit festival in Prague is the first presentation of Marko Mandić work with Via Negativa in the form of one integral event.

14_09_28_Via Negativa _Mandić Triology2014_09_28_Via Negativa_viva Mandic2014_09_28_via negativa_mandicmachine 32014_09_28_via negativa_mandicmachine 22014_09_28_via negativa_mandicmachine2014_09_28_via negativa_viva mandicvia negativa_viva mandic
14_09_28_Via Negativa _Mandić Triology