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Music Infinity

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Monday 27/02/2012
19:30 BIG HALL
The first volume of the Music Infinity 2012 series will by marked by delicate moods and charming female s
Saturday 10/03/2012
19:30 BIG HALL
Prague welcomes Three Trapped Tigers – math-rock tigers released from their cages.
Monday 30/04/2012
19:30 BIG HALL
Kytarista Cinematic Orchestra se svým vlastním kvartetem + Takeshi Nishimoto /JP (I'm not a Gun)
Saturday 26/05/2012
19:30 BIG HALL
Jacaszek invites you to a musical road beyond this world. Together with a new star from Ukraine – Heinali
Monday 18/06/2012
19:00 BIG HALL
The duo Orcas invites you to a unique voyage in the ambient folk-pop waters.
Tuesday 09/10/2012
Monday 26/11/2012
19:30 BIG HALL
Henriksen and Bang - ambient postcard from distant galaxy.
Music Infinity. Master of Project: Martin Poddany
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