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Thursday 28/01/2010
19:00 BIG HALL
The Icelandic music scene star in Prague for the first time!
Thursday 18/02/2010
19:30 BIG HALL
Electronica and rock played on the piano. One of the most original European pianists in Prague!
Tuesday 23/03/2010
19:30 BIG HALL
The most internationally successful current nu jazz band from Germany live for the first time in Prague.
Thursday 15/04/2010
19:30 BIG HALL
The Polish Portishead - dreamy electronica with string accompaniment and a Czech band.
Friday 28/05/2010
19:30 BIG HALL
4 hands,2 turntablers.Their music even caught the attention of Mercedes, who used it for an advertisement
Thursday 10/06/2010
19:30 BIG HALL
The Norwegian band’s phenomenal show and their concert on kitchen appliances- stoves, refrigerators..
Wednesday 22/09/2010
19:30 BIG HALL
hudební kabaret, nálada 30. let, a skvělá živá show, to jsou The Cesarians, kteří poprvé míří do Prahy
Thursday 14/10/2010
19:30 BIG HALL
Polish singer who was revealed for the Czech audience by Amanda Palmer and her guest Julia Marcell.
Thursday 18/11/2010
19:30 BIG HALL
big beat + dub = legendární britská formace poprvé v ČR
Wednesday 15/12/2010
19:00 BIG HALL
Ninja Tune slaví XX let. Do Prahy míří DJ Food a Grasscut
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