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Monday 20/05/2013
Tuesday 21/05/2013
Wednesday 22/05/2013
Thursday 23/05/2013
Friday 24/05/2013
10:00 BIG HALL
Výtvarný workshop HELE LIDI.
Monday 11/11/2013
10:00 BIG HALL
19:30 BIG HALL
The most famous love story performed by theatre from Banská Bystrica.
Tuesday 12/11/2013
10:00 BIG HALL
19:30 BIG HALL
Rock quartet comes with their new CD Valerie.
Wednesday 13/11/2013
19:00 BIG HALL
Old-French poetry from 16th and 18th Century, so called “chivalrous poetry”.
Thursday 14/11/2013
19:30 BIG HALL
Interconnection of visual picture, sign language, singing, music and moves.
Friday 15/11/2013
17:30 BIG HALL
Funny play about gaining engagement in the theatre company.
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