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Wednesday 14/01/2015
19:30 BIG HALL
British jazz-pop band are returning to Prague after 6 years!
Thursday 22/01/2015
19:30 BIG HALL
Extraordinary electronic producer with the magical violin is returning to Prague with his full live band.
Friday 27/02/2015
19:30 BIG HALL
New colonists of the pop empire!
Tuesday 24/03/2015
19:30 BIG HALL
German legendary band bring their new album Close to the Glass to Prague!
Thursday 16/04/2015
19:30 BIG HALL
The shadowy elements of folklore and the heavier side of experimental noise. Ross Tones and his new band!
Thursday 14/05/2015
19:30 BIG HALL
One of the most awarded Scandinavian singer with the brand new album Apocalypse Pop
Wednesday 23/09/2015
18:00 BIG HALL
Ambitious European music groups on the first EuroConnections festival!
Thursday 29/10/2015
19:30 BIG HALL
the dreams of youth that shine blissfully in the late-afternoon sunlight of your mind.
Thursday 19/11/2015
19:30 BIG HALL
The fastest pianist of all times and the icon of the current post-classical wave for the first time in Pr
Monday 21/12/2015
19:00 BIG HALL
(Not only) Christmas songs performed by the prominent songwriters
EuroConnections. Master of Project: Petra Ludvíková
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