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Wednesday 29/01/2014
19:30 BIG HALL
The christening of the CD Šero with a special guest – talented Norwegian songwriter Moddi.
Tuesday 25/02/2014
19:30 BIG HALL
A hypnotic scratchy, screamy pop from one half of Swedish duo Wildbirds & Peacedrums
Thursday 20/03/2014
19:30 BIG HALL
Belgian electro-swing producer and musician with his live band.
Thursday 24/04/2014
19:30 BIG HALL
Mop Mop gave music to Woody Allen' film on Rome. Live they are a true contemporary funk experience!
Thursday 22/05/2014
19:30 BIG HALL
Phantastic Icelandic band is back in Prague with the album "Enter For"
Thursday 12/06/2014
Thursday 25/09/2014
19:30 BIG HALL
A large band from Norway is comming back to Prague with the brand new album POLITRICKS
Wednesday 29/10/2014
19:30 BIG HALL
World most famous musical ensemble featuring ukuleles and their first show in Prague!
Thursday 27/11/2014
19:30 BIG HALL
Back after three years! This time with more musicians and with the first-class hip-hop show again.
EuroConnections. Master of Project: Petra Ludvíková
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