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O Nás

The Magazine focuses on interesting themes from culture and social life and tries to put them in new context. It discusses themes from the perspective of experts or writers that are not commented on elsewhere.

-features interviews with artists and expert public event reviews

-every issue focuses on one theme which is processed by a field specialist

-part of the edition includes a survey regarding the topic at hand and prominent characters that are involved

-it often comes with wholly untraditional perspective of the cultural field

The Magazine is meant for all Palác Akropolis visitors but also for any professionals and experts.


Main themes of individual issues:


MaPA n. 1 – Interesting projects in Palác Akropolis


MaPA n. 2 – Theatre in Palác Akropolis

MaPA n. 3 – New project Akropolismultimediale

MaPA n. 4 – EuroConnections


MaPA n. 5 – František Skála and Palác Akropolis

MaPA n. 6 – Crisis in the music industry

MaPA n. 7 – Improvisation


MaPA n. 8 – Czech and foreign song texts level

MaPA n. 9 – Žižkov and its interesting  dominant features

MaPA n. 10 – Student´s movie


MaPA n. 11 – 30 years of  Junior club

MaPA n. 12 – Festival Žižkov sobě

MaPA n. 13 – World music on Czech stages


MaPA n. 14 – Internet phenomenon in gaining music, movies, videos, books

MaPA n. 15 – Electronic music repository

MaPA n. 16 – Music, marketing, erotics


MaPA n. 17 – Authors theatre

MaPA n. 18 – Fine art and music


MaPA n. 19 – Festival Spectaculare 

MaPA n. 20 – Music Festivals


MaPA n. 21 –  Festival Spectaculare, Cirkopolis, Punkt Meets Music Infinity 

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