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Fet a Ma /FR CRU
06/04/2014 20:00, Big Hall
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The circus according to the French Fet a Mà targets the emotions! Their CRU performance reminds us on Samuel Becket´s work. It is a unique fusion of theatre, dance and acrobatics; without any props, artificial effects, just the body work…

CRU is a road to the heart of relationships between a man and a woman, passage to the core of passion and desire of human being. During this intensive performance the audience feels like facing the secrets revealing every part of a human soul. It is a poem written in moving of bodies that are attracted, repelled, twisted, disjointed and reconciled. The absolute physical strain and excellent technical skills bring almost galling feeling of freedom. The artists from Catalonia, Marta Torrents and Pau Portabella, have met at French school of circus arts Lido in Toulouse where they established in 2008 their company Fet a Mà. The director Blai Mateu Trias, art director of Baro d' Evel, has participated on this performance.

Director : Blai Mateu Trias ( Baro d' Evel Cirk cie )

Choreography : Jacob Stage

Music: Boris Billier

Light design: Alrik Reynaud

Sound and Lighting: Timothe Gares Loustalot

Costumes: Céline Sathal

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Fet a Ma - CRU
Divadelní přesahy. Master of Project: Judita Brodska
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