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Subliminati Corporation /FR #FILE_TONE
07/04/2014 20:00, Big Hall
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The sarcastic humour and amazing physical skills – juggling, acrobatics, beat-box and contemporary dance!


#File_Tone is a biting performance with sarcastic humour where the self-sacrifice for art mixes with amazing physical skills like juggling, acrobatics, beat-box and contemporary dancing. Ladies and gentlemen, fasten your seatbelts because these guys have broken loose!

Who is the president of the United States of Europe? And why Carla Bruni did not marry Fidel Castro? What links the Europeans except their Euro currency? Would Barack Obama get so far if born in Korea? Does love have any limitations? Is there still place for me in your family? Is your morality also your violence?

Five celebrities from different cultures create their own culture together. Their relationships running between innocent humour and cruel laugh, mockery even. Pain and weakness as opposites to loud laugh and smiles. Prepare for the attempt to unify the cultures in “the hour of Barack Obama”. Starring: Mikel Ayala, Jordi Ouerol, Lorenzi Mastropietro, Mael Teibi, Yeojin Yun Dramatics cooperation: Virginie Baes

Light design: Thomas Bourreau

Sound design: Vincent Mallet

Costumes: Cannelle Couturier

Lights: Julie Darramon

Production: Mathilde LeCain

Subliminati Corporation has met during their studies in Franche Lido and they are laureates for the prestige award Jeunes Talent Cirque Europe.

The performance done in coproduction: Adami, Jeunes Talents Cirque Europe, Ardèche Terre d’Artiste: La Cascade, Quelques p’Arts,Théâtre de Privas, Teatro Circo Price Madrid, CIRCa, CirqueO!, Hangar des Mines, Evie d’Agir DDCJS 31, Festival Mirabillia

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Subliminati Corporation
Divadelní přesahy. Master of Project: Judita Brodska
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