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AKROPOLIS MULTIMEDIALE 2010 ► TATATANEC aneb "Tata Bojs pod podiem"
29/10/2010 19:30, Big Hall
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Ta Ta Dance or Tata Bojs Under Stage is an audience-involving performance where the technologies and audio-acoustics of modern dance and electric music meet and revamp the ways of classical music. Dekkadancers, a dance ballet group, perform movements and projections they interpret from the music in a style that compliments abstract dance, not limiting their interpretations or movements to the stage. This is the first of a two-part presentation by Akropolis multimedia that shows how new media technologies are applied in the local pop-culture.

Tata BojsTata BojsTata Bojs
Tata Bojs
AM - FESTIVAL NOVÝCH MÉDIÍ. Master of Project: Cyril Hořánek
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