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18/02/2015 20:00, Big Hall
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This non-speaking show speaks about small obsession of every day life, these small obsession that can make us sick and sometimes drives us totally crazy. As the crossroads between object theatre, miniature, circus and involuntary clown, the show „VU“ solo for manipulator of everyday objects, stages and accurate character, delicate adn excessively ordered. Contrary to the hyperactive, he takes care into things which can be sometimes precieve as derisory or harmless, but he considered them as very important even indispensable always in the deep and sincere attitude. He is present calm, very calm, very very calm, but the story slips and this is what we get interested in. Cruel truth, improper vyoeurisum!

Performer: Etienne Manceau Outside eye : Sylvain Cousin Supported by: Pronomade(s) en HAute Garonne – Centre national des arts de la rue / Le Samovar / Quelques p´Arts / Circa Auch / Le Petite Pierre / L´Espace Catastrophe / La Grainerie / Le Lido

50 minutes

VUVUCirkopolis Fest_pozadi
Stagiona. Master of Project: Judita Brodska
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