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09/03/2015 20:00, Big Hall
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In the beginning there was a cucumber. A cucumber as a question. Four circus artists with a question mark in a glass. A playful and fresh contemporary cirkus performance with a surprise lurking behind the curtain. This is the first time Cink Cink Cirk have performed on the main stage at Palace Akropolis in their first full production.

Cirqueon Inkubator is a platform for young artists starting out, who are daring to go to the big stage with professional support. It resembles a popular start-up project, from which sometimes come true treasures. Maybe a shining career awaits Cin Cin Cirk.

Performers:Zuzana Drábová, Aleš Hrdlička, Filip Zahradnický, Lukas Bliss, Prokop Jelínek, Mistr Piklz,

Act of god, concept and choreography: Cink Cink Cirk

music: Prokop Jelínek

Supervision:Eliška Brtnická

Stage designer:Simona Drábová, Pavla Zahradnická a Cink Cink Cirk

Produktion:Pavel Vaněk

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Stagiona. Master of Project: Judita Brodska
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