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01/02/2015 20:00, Big Hall
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The ancient church hymn Stabat Mater has been the inspiration for hundreds of composers, including A. Dvořák, J. J. Ryba, F. Schubert, F. J. Haydn, G. Verdi, and others. The new interpretation of this spiritual piece by Tichá Opera however, is entirely unconventional. The original music is the work of experienced composer Valentina Shuklina and the performers are directed by Radim Vizváry, who has been working with Tichá Opera to combine the genres of opera and mime theater.

This latest staging seeks common ground among various artistic styles. Acoustic music meets electronica, while the principles of new circus and physical theater are wed to a spiritual drama full of love, immortality and strong faith. The aim of the artists is not merely to experiment with established genres, but to address eternal questions of spiritual values from a different perspective.

This production was made possible with support from the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic, the City of Prague, Nadace Život Umělce (Artist’s Life Foundation), ELEKON, s.r.o. and with the cooperation of the artists-in-residence of the CIRQUEON new circus center.

Premiere: 1.12.2014, Palác Akropolis, Prague.

Music, musical direction and conductor: Valentina Shuklina Director, dramaturgy and choreography: Radim Vizváry Stage design: Lucie Škandíková Costume design: Petra Vlachynská Electronic music: Matouš Hekela Light design: Karel Šimek Production: Jakub Urban

Cast: Performers: Jonáš Janků, Marek Menšík and Ondřej Holba Singers: Irina Rurac, Zuzana Šejtková, Lucie Prokopová, Václav Cikánek, Ivo Michl Live music: Tichá Opera Chamber Orchestra

Foto by Milan Vrzal

Stabat materStabat MaterStabat MaterStabat MaterStabat MaterStabat MaterStabat materStabat MaterStabat MaterStabat MaterStabat MaterStabat MaterStabat MaterStabat Mater posterStabat Mater
Stabat mater
Stagiona. Master of Project: Judita Brodska
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