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1996 - 2017 ŽIŽKOV SOBĚ

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16/06/2016 19:30, Big Hall
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For Ivana, music emerges from silence, inspired by „e chants of "e sea, forces of nature and by "e inner world of "e soul. The Slovak born, singer-composer sta#s her crea!ve journey wi“ electro- acous!c projects in Prague. Her musical ac!vi!es are closely connected wi" travels, which besides opening new horizons, brings many fruitful collabora!ons wi" talented musicians from different pa#s of globe and oppo#uni!es to play considering Slovakia, adding France, Spain, Germany and Czech Republic. She perceives life itself as music „at includes all "e genres, what naturally leads her to pa#icipate in wide range of projects – from playing music for "eatre performances, composing for video a# and contemporary dance and singing for poe!c rap and acous!c minimalism. Recently she is releasing album “Early works”. Compila!on of composi- !ons recorded between 2010 and 2015 in France, Spain, Germany, Czech Republic and Slovakia. In major pa# in collabora!on wi“ Slovakian producer, composer and musician Oskar Rózsa and wi" two French producers Marc-Eric Laine and Anacole Daalderop. Nowadays she is preparing her tour in 2016 and material for new album.

Phaedra´s debut album „The Sea“ (2011) received fantastic international reviews in magazines as diverse as The Wire, Uncut, Shindig and Prog, drawing lines to Vashti Bunyan, Elizabeth Frazer and Nico, while Chicago Reader wrote „this is one of the loveliest, most striking albums, unlike anything I´ve heard in years“. „Blackwinged Night“ (2015) is the follow-up, and the second album in a triology, a lyrical and musical cycle with its own mythological structure. Diving into a darker dream pop underworld, it blends acoustic elements of woodwinds, strings and marimba with layers of analog synths, big drums and dark bass lines, with lyrics circling around creation and collaps, time and falling stars. Behind the name is composer and artist Ingvild Langgård, who in addition to Phaedra, composes and performs music for stage and film, as well as sound and video art projects under her own name. She made the music for the critically acclaimed performances Night Tripper (2012) and Cosmic Body (2015) with choreographer Ingri Fiksdal and scenographer Signe Becker. Press clips – Blackwinged Night UNCUT «Norwegian auteur with no time for small talk» CHICAGO READER «The new album is another knockout» TEXTURA «a remarkable performance, vocal and otherwise» MOJO «consider Lana del Rey channeling Sandy Denny» ROCK-A-ROLLA «rarely has one artist so effortlessly combined Bush´s emotive song cycles with Bunyan´s delicate and gossamer-fragile weaves of verse and melody» 5.5 KLASSEKAMPEN «The fines thing I´ve heard in a very, very long time» 5 DAGSAVISEN «Beautiful and uncanny» 5 VG «not just «promising» anymore» 5 HAMAR ARBEIDERBLAD «Impressive» Press clips – The Sea THE WIRE «an exquisite debut» UNCUT «swanlike elegance… touching on eternal themes» **** SIGNAL TO NOISE «unforgettable (…) nothing short of astounding for a debut» CLASSIC ROCK «captivating timelessness… a rare find» CHICAGO READER «the most beautiful music I heard all year» SHINDIG «hauntingly gorgeous» THE LIMINAL «There’s definitely something magical about this album» LISTEN:…winged-night…sets/the-sea http://runegrammofon.

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1996 - 2017 ŽIŽKOV SOBĚ. Master of Project: Cyril Hořánek
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