Thursday 10. 6.
Eliška Brtnická - Fish Eye (CZ)
19:00, Kasárna Karlín
temporarily not available


I am crumbling away and forming myself over and over again, constantly changing my shape. I am searching for what I am and what is the power that recasting me, remoulding me, transforming me. Drifting, from time to time I stick to glass which detaches me from you.. or you from me? What isolation makes with us and who is actually isolated?

Pressure becomes a wave, movements change to image, drops into sounds, surface pass to gleaming glint.

Cirucus performance on the border with dance, plastic art, fashion, installation in the ultrasound of deep sea creatures.

Concept, performer: Eliška Brtnická

Sound design, performer: Stanislav Abrahám

Light design, technics : Vlado Veleta, Prokop Vondruška

Costume cooperation: Petra Vlachynská

Production: Eva Roškaňuková

Scenographical object is taken over from Nesnesitelná tekutost bytí performance

In cooperation with Vít Neznal and Di.vak z.s.

Supported by the City of Prague and the Ministry of Culture

About Eliška Brtnická Eliška Brtnická graduated from the non-verbal theatre at HAMU in Prague, where she also finished PhD with the project about aerial choreography. She passed one year course of circus dramaturgy organised by the circus schools CNAC and ESAC. She is focusing more towards visual conceptions of performances as well as site-specific and documentary performances.