Monday 11. 12.
20:00, Big Hall
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Profile of the work of NIE Theatre in the Palace Akropolis 11.–13. 12. 2023, will present a cross-section of the work of NIE in its width and its unmistakable artistic signature. The selected author's productions are based on real stories. The selected productions have previously been presented separately by NIE in the Czech Republic, but they have never been part of a single guestplay.

Minutes, maybe hours of your own existence, that you have forgotten, but I remember. You live a secret life in another person's memory. Tor Ulven

We can not completely rely on our memories, and yet, there is no other reality than the one that we carry with us in memory. Each moment we live gets its importance from the past. Present and future would lose all meaning if the past was erased from our consciousness. Between ourselves, and nothing, is our ability to remember.

NIE has made its own movable museum building, made up out of 70 m2 of rusty drawers. Inside this room five people reconstruct a life that has ended. Two brothers, a neighbour, a teacher and a lover. With warmth, humour and music, they tell stories about the one they have lost. A brother, a student, a neighbour boy, the first love.

The audience sits close together inside the intimate venue, that resembles an archive, and experience the actors and stories closely. After the performance, the rusty drawers open to reveal an exhibition, the space turns into a small museum, a room for reflection with different sensory experiences that can awaken associations for our own lives and own memories.

Directors note: “This production was made out of a need and a wish to make a piece of art that addressed difficult themes as death and suicide inside a frame that could give an extended space for reflection. Both these themes are in many societies and cultural contexts looked upon as taboos. My aim has been to open up these taboos, and to create a physical and mental space where it's ok to laugh and cry, to be a spectator and participant.” Kjell Moberg, Director/concept

About NIE: NIE Theatre is an international company that makes award-winning theatre performances through a mix of physical theatre, multiple languages, live music and storytelling via an eclectic European ensemble. Formed in 2001 in the Czech Republic, NIE rehearsed its first three shows in the small town of Mšeno, in the north of the Czech Republic. Those three shows – My Long Journey Home, Past Half Remembered and The End of Everything Ever – won numerous awards and have been seen by audiences all over the world. These three shows form the European Narratives Trilogy. Since NIE’s inception, the company has created 39 new performances and has performed in 42 countries across four continents. NIE has also gone on to create new performances in co-production with different venues and theatre companies from across Europe and beyond, including site-specific work and theatre for younger audiences.

“This is more than a piece of theater; it is a consciousness shifter.” New York Theatre Guide

Actors: Helder Deploige, Kieran Edwards, Guri Glans, Tomáš Měcháček, Iva Moberg

Director/concept: Kjell Moberg

Music: Helder Deploige

Set design: Katja Ebbel

Light design: Šimon Kočí, Elke Laleman, Jan Sháněl

Production: Iva Moberg

Performance length: 70 minut Premiere: 2016 – Oslo, Norway Age: Everyone above 14 years. /…-theatre.com

Supported by: Arts and Culture Norway, Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Arts Council England

The project was supported by the EEA and Norway Grants 2014–2021

Programy EEA /programmes of EEA: www.fondyehp.cz /…rskefondy.cz /…eagrants.org www.eeagrants.cz