Sunday 29. 9.
19:30, Big Hall
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“They have two faces. The smiling and perfect one that the audience sees. And then the dark one, when they disappear behind the curtain, the rehearsed smile falls and the face contorts to a haggard grimace, because they are choking…” A raw and self-deprecating focus on the dance conservatory environment as well as the wild 1990s. A black-humoured description of the fierce fight against a despotic and dogmatic system as well as the loss of one’s own identity.

Miřenka Čechová has created a multi-genre version of her book Ballerinas, in which she describes the difficult and sometimes cruel journey of young girls in pursuit of their ballet dreams. The resulting production is very personal and has a strong emotional charge, the heroine reveals herself to the audience physically, but mainly psychologically – she is able to relive her traumas, but also to reach a catharsis. Jana Machalická, Lidovky.cz, 25 February 2022

The production uses a wide range of stage means to draw attention to the toxic environment that female ballet trainee must face. The Ballerinas are strongest where they formulate their theme metaphorically. It is clear that this is a very personal subject for Miřenka Čechová […]. Lukáš Dubský, i-divadlo, 19 September 2022