Wednesday 12. 6.
Sons of the East /AU + support ► Pat Burgener /SW
19:30, Big Hall
temporarily not available

Australian indie folk band Sons Of The East is on the rise with their modern take on traditional folk music. Their unique blend of acoustic and electronic elements has become their defining sound. The songs of the Sons Of The East trio are based on keyboards, banjo, guitar and charismatic vocals. In 2022, the band released their stellar debut studio album "Palomar Parade". Hailing from Sydney's Northern Beaches, the band consists of Dan Wallage, Nic Johnston and Jack Rollins. Sam Jackson of The AU Review said about them: „Thank God for Sons Of The East …Unshakeable calm“ and smooth tempos …harmonies woven tighter than DNA strands“. The Australian band's songs have achieved more than 300 million streams and 60 million views on YouTube. Tracks like "Into The Sun", "My Repair" and "Come Away" have become classics, and the popularity of the Australian trio is growing around the world. Their music has charisma, soul and spreads joy.