Wednesday 20. 12.
Music Class ► Alasdair Bouch /UK – „'Dos & Don’ts for Non-native English Singers & Songwriters'
11:00, Big Hall
temporarily not available


Music Class – workshop by the Briitish coach Alasdair Bouch – „'Dos & Don’ts for Non-native English Singers & Songwriters“ + 'How to level up your lyricism'

A practical workshop in which we put your lyrics and vocal delivery at the forefront.

Which literary tricks and thetorical devices can you use to spice up your songs? How can you express your emotions and personality in more imaginative, beautiful or powerful ways? How will employing figures of speech and poetics make your songs more creative, clever, and catchy? Alasdair digs deep into academic and dramatic terminology to deliver practical tips that will transform your songwriting.

Dos & Don’ts for Non-native English Singers & Songwriters Writing, singing or producing songs in English? Want to be market-ready for domestic and international audiences? What are the most common mistakes non-natives make, and which pitfalls can you easily avoid? Alasdair brings 17 years of coaching in Czechia to help you polish your skills and build self-confidence in this essential introductory boot camp, whatever your experience.

Putting Poetics Into Practice A practical workshop in which we put your lyrics and vocal delivery at the forefront. How can we apply what we have discussed today to your own work? We will share and examine your lyrics and demos together, to uncover any errors or areas where there might be room for improvement. You will learn from each other, and pick up skills that you can use for the rest of your English-speaking days!

A London-born lyricist, composer & multi-instrumentalist, Alasdair has written for major & independent label artists across multiple musical genres. His award-winning collaborations have resulted in millions of streams & views on YouTube, & have appeared in film, theatre & advertising. He also works with (mostly) non-native English-language creators in a variety of ways: as a Lyric Consultant; a certified Pronunciation Coach for singers & actors in theatre, film & TV to help them perfect their accents in preparation for shooting & live performance; & supports them as a Vocal Producer in the recording studio. Alasdair delivers workshops, offers artist development consultancy & produces publicity / marketing materials for a wide range of creatives. A full-time singer-songwriter with over 30 years of live experience & more than 1250 concerts worldwide, he has released 4 critically-acclaimed albums & 3 EPs. He is vegan & teetotal, but please don’t hold it against him.