Thursday 1. 6.
Kitty Florentine /EE - Hudební rezidence 1.6. - 5.6.
15:00, Big Hall
temporarily not available


Acropolis Palace will welcome Kitty Florentine for a residency in which she will spend several days working on a sound installation and a new visual show in collaboration with the team at Acropolis Palace. Kitty Florentine played as part of the Liveurope festival, where she met Prokop Korb, known as badfocus. She decided to extend her stay and together they will collaborate on new songs.

Estonian discovery Kitty Florentine is like a fairy, but she can cut her claws. Her gentle, atmospheric songs draw on folk and jazz, hiding deep emotions under the surface. She has been making music for a short time, having made her debut last year with Maladaptive Daydream, which was well received on the Baltic scene. Now Kitty Florentine is waiting for her big European breakout.

The project is implemented with the financial participation of the EU through the National Recovery Plan and the Ministry of Culture.