Saturday 25. 5.
19:30, Big Hall, Jazz bar, Small hall
temporarily not available


Action within the symposium Dancetopia at Intervention at Akropolis Palace, a performance in which artists explore a fascinating blend of fantasy and reality through contemporary dance.


20:00 performance A Dance of Pixelated Bodies – live

21:00 performance There Is Something in the Air

19:30–22:30 installation performance While I Decay

Dasha Belous and Derin Cankaya, A Dance of Pixelated Bodies – live:

This project was created during a pandemic when the duo explored the role of digital technology in human relationships through dance. In their live performance, they focus on how we feel when our interactions are mediated by screens, and the influence of digital elements and artificial intelligence on our artistic choices. They blur the boundaries between real and artificial, human and machine, while exploring identity and technology.

T.I.T.S. performance There Is Something in the Air:

This unique audio-visual performance merges dance, breath, and music to express feelings that cannot be accounted for. As an invitation to participate in a larger territory, this show employs instinct, intuition, and inner nature to shape the force of this performance. Experience how three performers breathe, sing, and dance in celebration of humanity, revealing the cracks in our world and the unseen forces that influence us.

Helén Tamaskó, While I Decay,

an exploration of human decomposition. This work delves into the process of decay that begins immediately after death, revealing the body not as lifeless but as a vibrant ecosystem. Helén investigates how a body can deconstruct its surroundings and how collective decomposition can unfold in a performance setting. This thought-provoking piece challenges us to rethink the boundaries between life and decay.

Who should attend:

This event is intended for the general and professional public and professionals from the performing arts field.