Monday 24. 10.
20:30, Theatre Jazz bar
temporarily not available


r a n t

Merle Bennett (drums) & Torsten Papenheim (guitar)

„Guitarist Torsten Papenheim and drummer Merle Bennett are an experimental concern who have pushed duo dynamics into some strange and intriguing nooks and crannies.“ The Sound Projector

rant explores the possibilities of duo playing to the extreme and has developed a very unique musical identity. The interlocked play of Merle Bennett (drums) and Torsten Papenheim (guitar) creates an exciting balance between improvisation and composition, precision and playfulness, groove and looseness, sound and song.

When performing on stage, rant reinvents the material every evening – pieces are interwoven and roles are swapped. Since 2004 rant has released five beautiful albums on schraum and Unit; played numerous tours in Germany and around; and in 2013 the duo staged the music theatre piece „uthlande“.