Friday 13. 9.
19:30, Big Hall
temporarily not available


The band Něco něco returns to Palác Akropolis after two years. As part of the PULZ series, Lichnovský will launch his debut album and the musician ivy z.

Něco něco

Něco něco play light-footed indie pop, in which you can hear the influence of post-punk, Czech new wave and dance music. The band is formed by singer and songwriter Alžběta Trusinová and Tomáš Tkáč, who in addition to singing provides synthesizers and guitar. They are accompanied live by drummer Václav Švestka. For their second album called Útržky, the band received nominations for the Vinyla and Apollo awards. With her current album Třetí, Alžběta has delved even further into the themes of femininity and feminism. Něco Něco are a couple and a band. They live, compose and perform together. And they love it. Don't miss a show where they think exclusively in fleshed-out sentences.


Musician Zdenek Lichnovsky, known from the band Parta vynikajících lidí, is embarking on a solo career. His debut album, Ideálně Napořád, will be released on September 2 on the Bad Names community label. He will launch it with his guests on 13 September at the Palác Akropolis. Martin Nouza (nevertouch), the creator of club kicks, has co-produced the album and weirdpop musician and composer Lenka Zbořilová (ivy z) sings with Lichnovský. Did you also think you were crazy and everyone didn't care?

ivy z

Weird pop, slowcore, lo-fi. Maybe musician Lenka Zbořilová gets such labels too. She has drawn attention to herself as the singer and songwriter of the band Billow. But for the last few years she has also been shining on her solo journey under the pseudonym ivy z.
The whole evening of the PULZ series will open with songs from this year's EP 23 or last year's album let yours be the last burning heart.

Behind the dramaturgy of the PULZ series at the Akropolis Palace is Vojtěch Tkáč, music publicist and moderator of Radio 1. The concerts are followed by an afterparty in cooperation with Akropolis Underground.