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O Nás

Every month in the Czech opening night during EuroConnections we will see on the Palác Akropolis stage original music groups of contemporary European music scene. Many of these musicians return to the CzechRepublic afterwards and for others this performance is a starting point in their career. Regular concert within EuroConnections has become reliable indicator in new trends for music fans.

There is no EuroConnections without domestic music. During the last years almost all principal Czech music groups played next to the European ones.



“The creators of EuroConnections have shown again that it is possible to bring grand and great music groups and fill up the concert hall, even though there is another grand interpret The XX playing the same night.”

It is not necessary to say that the first EuroConnection series in 2010 was a great success but to be completely sure: It is very difficult to find any negative feature in concert of Emiliana Torrini. Great supporting music group, flawless sound, decent lighting well accompanied the character of the concert, nicely intimate and light atmosphere and for sure the irresistible Icelander with confident singing above this all. Takka grazie tante, signorina Torrini Davíðsdóttir!

“Samuelsson´s boys got the audience high with a mixture of funk and afro-beat and thus showed that great funk music of world quality is done in Iceland. The front man known for example from the famous music group Jaguar should get credit for it because he cooperated with the audience admiringly and created unique show.”

Line-up could not have been chosen better. The Thursday EuroConnections put together two artists experimenting with pop music. Atmosphere full of elegant singing curves engulfed all visitors. Among the melancholic ballads sounded also ethereal beauties like Walker, Bye Bye or Your Shadow.”

“The performance of two pop music interprets show two things – first that the EuroConnections project in Palác Akropolis guarantees the music quality and second that there are still new music groups in the west that can surprise us.”

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EuroConnections. Master of Project: Petra Ludvíková
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