Saturday 29. 6.
20:30, Big Hall
temporarily not available


Lenka Morávková takes you on a multi-sensory journey with a one-of-a-kind glass sculpture, the Bohemian Cristal Instrument. The performance in Palac Akropolis includes the launch of the new single NEW NATURE.

The Czech sonic explorer processes the acoustic properties of the crystal along with her voice and throbbing synthetizers, to create ethereal soundscapes and hypnotic ambient pulses. BCI’s unique ceremony with a mesmerizing light show with lasers immerses you in a world where tradition and futurism become one.

Lenka hails from Northern Czech Republic, a region famous for its glass industry. Before the conception of her Bohemian Cristal Instrument, she had already produced several striking new media installations based on the sound of local factories in the time of their deepest decline, Following Lenka’s original design, the glass sound sculpture is a unique version of the legendary Cristal Baschet instrument. With it, she introduces an entirely new sonic adventure, yet one still strongly connected to local tradition.


Alberto Novello, alias JesterN, uses found or decontextualized analogue devices in his practice to explore the relationship between light and sound in the form of contemplative installations and performances. During the concert, he will accompany the artist with his light show, which they have prepared together during their ongoing musical residency at Palác Akropolis.

Mirka Novak

Multi-talented soul singer, performer, composer, vocal coach and director of a music school in Pilsen. Her music balances between genres with flavours of jazz, funk, R'n'B, soul and world music. Besides jazz and pure vocal solo performances with looper, you can also hear her in the bands Dozen Street and HLASkontraBAS Oktet.


Pavel Liška is an immersive artist, visual artist, stage designer and musician from Pilsen. He graduated with a Master's degree from the Faculty of Design and Art Ladislav Sutnar in Pilsen, where he even started teaching during his studies. He mainly works on art and stage design on various projects from small podiums to large expositions in museums. He will accompany Mirka Novak at the Palác Akropolis.

The project is implemented with the financial participation of the EU through the National Recovery Plan and the Ministry of Culture.