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20:00, Big Hall
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Drawing on true stories and accounts of the Kindertransport, NIE shines a light onto some of Europe’s darkest history and emerges with a story of survival, love and hope. A story about how selfless people tried to save the lives of children in a time when the future was at stake.

Agata is 6 years old, she is going to the railway station with her father, everyone is very happy, only she has the strange feeling that she will never see him again. On the train tired and hungry, she absent-mindedly chews on the paper name-tag tied around her neck. Erasing the trace to her name and address, and with that the chance of ever getting back home again.

Using a six-piece band on stage, multiple languages, and an array of theatrical styles from clowning to high tragedy NIE bring you into their epic show The End of Everything Ever. The End of Everything Ever has been played over 400 times in 28 countries during the last 18 years and is today one of the NIE classic productions.

About NIE: NIE Theatre is an international company that makes award-winning theatre performances through a mix of physical theatre, multiple languages, live music and storytelling via an eclectic European ensemble.

Formed in 2001 in the Czech Republic, NIE rehearsed its first three shows in the small town of Mšeno, in the north of the Czech Republic. Those three shows – My Long Journey Home, Past Half Remembered and The End of Everything Ever – won numerous awards and have been seen by audiences all over the world. These three shows form the European Narratives Trilogy. Since NIE’s inception, the company has created 39 new performances and has performed in 42 countries across four continents. NIE has also gone on to create new performances in co-production with different venues and theatre companies from across Europe and beyond, including site-specific work and theatre for younger audiences.

“NIE – winners of a Herald Angel award for a previous show – are adept at giving harsh, factual history a touchingly human face. And at mixing comedy and tragedy so as to open our hearts and minds to a past that must not be forgotten.” The Herald Newspaper

Actors: Kieran Edwards, David Hlaváč, Barbora Látalová, Iva Moberg, Kjell Moberg, Robert Orr

Director: Alex Byrne

Music: NIE, David Pagan

Set design: Kateřina Housková

Light design: Šimon Kočí

Production: Iva Moberg

Performance length: 70 minut

Premiere: 2005 – Mšeno u Mělníka, Česká republika

Age: Everyone above 14 years.

Supported by: Norwegian Ministry of foreign affairs, Arts and Culture Norway, Arts Council England, the performance was developed with support of the Theatre Drak in Hradec Králové and in TJ Sokol in the town of Mšeno in Czech Republic