Friday 25. 10.
19:30, Big Hall
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Emilíana Torrini, one of the best Icelandic singers, returns to Prague after 14 years with a new album!

Emilíana Torrini returns to present her new album Miss Flowers, to be released on 21 June and from which she has already revealed the song „Let's Keep Dancing“ as a pilot single. Torrini possesses a unique voice, which is due to her dual origins – it combines her Italian father's explosiveness and love of life with Icelandic identity from her mother. Therefore, her repertoire includes both whimsical songs and melancholic and intimate confessions. Emiliana Torrini's voice even fascinated New Zealand director Peter Jackson, who asked her to sing „Gollum's Song“ for the end credits of The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers. She thus joined the ranks of Annie Lenox and Enya, who have sung songs for other parts of the fantasy saga. Torrini also occasionally writes for other artists – for example, she co-wrote Kylie Minogue's hit Slow, which was nominated for a Grammy Award in 2003. But most of her attention, of course, is devoted to her own recordings, on which she combines tranquil folk melodies with electronica.