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Playing melodic hardcore/punk in Eastern-Europe is not much different from playing melodic hardcore/punk anywhere on the globe. The difference is only rooted by the bond between the message and the heritage that this sound can amplify, and Satelles in-between Budapest and Sheffield found their own tone by now, thanks to a thorough self-examination.

With their second full-length 'Some Got Saved', Satelles wrote a memoir for the generation born and raised after the fall of the Berlin wall, the era after the Iron Curtain. On their newest album they went back to the topic of the regime change in 1990, one of the main events of the 20th century that shaped the attitude of the generation who grew up in the post-soviet era: the disappointed ones, the seekers and the fugitives who were forced to leave Hungary and their hometowns, their beloved ones. After two memorable and crucial years when the band toured in Eastern-Europe the songs of their previous effort – and shared the stage with acts as Comeback Kid, Bane, Ignite or Endzweck -, 'The Wolf You Feed', it was visible that the next step needs to be self-identical and mature through their music. 'Some Got Saved' delivers their most energetic hardcore/punk songs with an '00 attitude, deeply inspired by acts as Shai Hulud, Bane, Sinking Ships or Verse, while the lyrics are reflecting on the behavior of the sometimes silent, sometimes apolitical generation born and raised in the 90s with their longing spleen. Satelles previously shared the stage with acts as: Rise Against (US), Ignite (US), While She Sleeps (UK), Bane (US), The Bronx (US), Endzweck (JP), Comeback Kid (CA), Polar (UK), Trial (US), Backtrack (US), Ruiner (US), World Eater (DE), No Omega (SE), Renounced (UK), Blood Youth (UK), Create To Inspire (UK), Napoleon (UK), Skywalker (CZ), Fall of Minerva (IT) or acts as Light Your Anchor (DE) or By The Grace of God (US).

Played in CEU-countries as: Austria, Slovakia, Romania, Czech Republic, Serbia, Croatia, and also have been released previously in Japan with their previous album, ‘The Wolf You Feed’.

Next tour: PAST MISFORTUNES 89/19 03.04. Budapest / 04.04. Prague (CZ) / 05.04. Warsaw (PL) / 06.04. Bialystok (PL) / 07.04. Hrodna (BY) / 08.04. Minsk (BY) / 09.04. Kiev (UA) / 10.04. Ivano-Frankivsk (UA)