Saturday 5. 11.
La Pendue – Poli Dégaine
19:30, Big Hall
temporarily not available


Two puppeteers on the run and their gun full of hilarity – Polichinelle, Pulcinella simply Kašpar. They draw the most famous puppet in the world and with unbridled enthusiasm prepare to perform a show of exceptional quality. But nothing goes according to the plan. Welcome to the hilarious madness of the new version of Polichinelles life, where he appears as his wildest self, a laugh-out-loud experience that will strike children as well as adults. Because Polichinelle laughs at everything. Including death. The performance mixes English and French, maybe even a little Czech. The scenes are more visual and the puppet language is universal.

1 Price « For Expressing Life with a Puppet » at the 11th International Festival of Puppet Theatre, Warsaw, POLAND, 2016 Price DRAC d’Or du «mejor espectaculo» at the Fira de Titelles de Lleida, SPAINE, 2012