Sunday 12. 2.
Collectif Petit Travers - S'assurer de ses propres murmures /FR
20:00, Big Hall
temporarily not available


We want to understand a more intimate dimension of language: a whisper. A word that we share in very close proximity, the things that can only be expressed in the confidence of a fragile bubble protected by silence and mystery. S’assurer de ses propres murmures means listening to each other, each of us having a space for exchanging words: it also means taking the time we each need to hear our own murmurings. Lastly, it is inviting the world, the audience, to listen carefully to what we want to express.

We tend to think of a show like a music album or a traditional circus performance made up of aerial numbers or performance charts. But, in fact, we are aiming for a long dance, a circus performance of concrete objects, in which the elements that are seen and heard can blend together in expected or unexpected ways. A burst of poetry, our algebraic equation, our chemical formula. The materials from the drum set are found in the juggled objects and in the scenography: metal objects (bells), wood (sticks of different sizes) and white balls, are like the drumheads or the bulbs from our bank of lamps. Each concrete material element is part of the imagery and the sound.

Pulsation, phrasing, accents, the feeling of passing time, all the rhythmic elements which essentially bring juggling closer to music. We follow the rhythm, create the rhythm, and thus we are at the peak of our game. We seek childish vitality even in a virtuoso ritual. There is direct energy and ease at the riskiest points of the performance. Abstract forms in search of evident simplicity.