Tuesday 18. 4.
21:00, Small hall
temporarily not available


Songwriter Zapomělsem will release his upcoming album as part of the Pulz concert series. He will be supported by the musician Ima Teva and the band Himalayan Dalai Lama at the Akropolis Palace.


Under the pseudonym Zapomělsem hides the musician Aleš Macenauer from Jeseník. He got his attention especially with his second album “Měsíc ve váze“ which was based on poetic lyrics, quality folk sound and unique vocals. Now, he adds more synths and gentle electronic. This is evidenced, for example, by the single “Smál jsem se a hvězdy padaly“, which is a teaser to the forthcoming album. As part of the Pulz series, Aleš Macenauer will release it alongside guitarist Miloš Dolinský.

Ima Teva

Devotion, loneliness, obligateness. Not only these slogans are reflected on the album “V kruhu“, which was released in 2021 on the “Divnosti“ label. It was recorded by musician and artist Petra Juráčková, who most people know as Ima Teva. Atmospheric artpop, built on cool synths and apt lyrics, is going to pulse the small stage of Akropilis Palace. Musician David Pomahač will be present as well, supporting Petra on live performances.

Himalayan Dalai Lama

The evening will be closed by the producer duo, whose work combines digital electronics with analogue synthesizers, live drums and strings. Kryštof Matěj and David Novotný founded Himalayan Dalai Lama in the middle of the last decade and since then have managed a European tour, collected nominations for the Anděl Award and won the export competition called “Czeching“. The band was extended by cellist Terezie Kovalová, who also contributed to the latest album “Isolated Bonds“, released under the Addict Sound label.

Vojtěch Tkáč, music publicist and moderator of Radio 1, is behind the dramaturgy of the Pulz series at Palác Akropolis. The evening will be organized in cooperation with Akropolis Underground.