Saturday 21. 10.
CTA /IT Circus
19:00, Small hall
temporarily not available



Since its inception (1994), the CTA – Centro Teatro Animazione e Figura di Gorizia has pursued the objective of promoting puppet theater through the organization of festivals, reviews, special projects, training projects for schools, productions of shows for both children and adults.

Over the years the CTA has consolidated a stable artistic core with a poetics of its own and with a particular stylistic figure which passes through the overcoming of traditional schemes, opening up to contemporary languages and experimenting with other artistic disciplines. Each CTA production can be considered as a „research path“ on the relationship between actors, figures (images, objects, puppets, videos, shadows, etc.), music and words. At the same time, the CTA also sets itself the goal of identifying new approaches and new ways of intervening on the territory through innovative and experimental production paths.


A deserted principal has flashbacks to the former glory of his beloved Alessi circus. Together with him you can imagine, for example, the taming of wild beasts… or is it just plates and bowls ? Awaken your imagination and let yourself be drawn into the world of acrobats and wild animals. Through music and multimedia, the production brings to life the work of the famous Dutch designer Marcel Wanders and tells his story in a perfect synthesis of the world of design and the world of puppets.