Thursday 2. 3.
19:30, Big Hall
temporarily not available


Trauma pop will be performed by Lazer Viking and Bob Bleedy. As part of the PULZ series, they will be joined by the singer Never Sol and the duo Body of Pain.

Lazer Viking

„Prague's infamous rock'n'roll enfant terrible turned synth-pop overlord,“ writes Jakub Kaifosz about himself. As Lazer Viking, he released his new album Tunnel Vision last year, for which he received a nomination for the Apollo Music Award. The musician wrapped the themes of obsession, isolation and heartbreak in the sound of synthesizers, which he fell in love with after a concert by Belgians duo Charlotte Adigéry & Bolis Pupul. He will now present songs like „Yr Body“ and „Gibber Gabber“ in the Main Hall of the Acropolis Palace.

Never Sol

As Never Sol, she creates melancholic compositions that are based on layered synth soundscapes, dark melodies shrouded in tons of reverb with thick yet delicate vocals. Melting in drone surfaces but cutting deep with distorted and noisy elements . A strong connection to songwriting, intricate chord progressions, synths and voice are the cornerstones of her musical output. In the past year she started performing and improvising live with modular synthesizer which helps her disintegrate and refresh her classical songwriting approach.

Body of Pain

EBM. Vampires. Pain. Tenderness. Body of Pain embodies it all. Tereza Ovčačíková and Jan Vytiska represent not only the most black-clad musician duo in Prague, but also a band that you should see live at least once. Dark electronic tracks with apathetic vocals are best played in darkened clubs. Songs from this year's album „Revenge“ will be accompanied by strobes and hazers.

Bob Bleedy

Trauma pop has never sounded more enjoyable. We can thank one of the major musical discoveries of 2022 for that. Robert Kříž, who previously came to attention because of the duo JayRõ and other activities of the ODDITY Records label, performs under the pseudonym Bob Bleedy. Bleedy's debut album „Codependers“ was also released under this name, which stood out for its eye-catching visuals, excellent production and hit singles led by „Dreaming“.

Behind the dramaturgy of the PULZ series at Palác Akropolis is Vojtěch Tkáč, music publicist and moderator of Radio 1. The evening is organized in cooperation with Akropolis Underground.